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"Design of a language for cosmic intercourse"
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Music For Reading Sci-Fi
Volume 1 | 38,2Mo
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Diy : some music things

Tube Distorsion
2 6AK5 pentode connected
Eric Barbour's schematic : download pdf


Stereo Line preamp
2 EF86 triode connected + EM85 Vu
preamp schematic (E. Barbour)+ VU/level schematic A. Haegele

Modular tube modules
6AK5 VCA / EF86 Pre / EF86+12AT7 VCF
download VCA pentode schematic



Heat Machine / half modular :
inside : triwave picogenerator + ben's dual tone generator + green ringer



Triwave picogenerator

Supa noise generator

Wacky, Zany, Weird

A.K.A. Weird Sound Generator or WSG


The Parallel Universe

Very high gain distortion with self oscillating capabilites

Feedback looper

Passive feedback looper into EH Mixer case

Double Muff FUZZ


Electro Harmonix Small Stone + Univibe mods

Axis clone / one Knob Foxey Lady

PUE5 / Ibanez
with Control voltage for each section

Big Muff PI / clone


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